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European idols


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Our Polish pen friends’ Erasmus project



This is our Polish pen friends’ blog. You can see photos. Some of it is translated in English!



‘I went to Spain in 2014 and I saw some of the amazing buildings Gaudi created in Barcelona’, Matisse.

‘I went to England in March 2016. I visited Hampton Court; it’s a haunted castle! I also visited Stamford Bridge’, Julien.

‘ I went to Granada in Spain in 2015. I visited the Alhambra. It’s a Moorish citadel and palace. It was beautiful!’, Janèle.

‘ I went to Guiana in 2011. I visited the Space Center; it was huge!’, Lucas H.

‘ I went to England in July. I visited the National Gallery. I saw Big Ben and I visited Mme Tussaud’s Museum’, Leslie.

‘I went to Morocco in 2007…I was very young so I don’t really remember!’, Albane.

‘I went to New York in 2015. I visited Time Square and the Statue of Liberty. It was beautiful!’, Lucas.

‘I went to Portugal during the summer holidays. I visited Cristo Rei; the view was just amazing!’, Charlène G.

‘I went to Italy in 2016. I visited the Coliseum and Rome. It was beautiful!’, Tiphaine.

‘I went to Canada in 2011 with my family. I visited Montreal. It was beautiful. I went to Sri Lanka in 2015 on a road trip’, Clervie.

‘I went to the USA in 2015. I visited Time Square in New York. It was beautiful’, Romane.

‘I went to Mexico two years ago. I visited different monuments and I went to the beach’

‘I went to Spain in August 2016. I visited a monastery and I saw a lake. It was wonderful!’, Emilie.

‘I went to Tunisia in 2008 and I visited Djerba. It was great! I went to Italy in 2010. I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was impressive! I went to England in 2015 and I visited Brighton. I went to Turkey in 2015. I visited Bodrum . It was beautiful!’, Charlène J.

‘I went to Portugal in July. I visited Lisbon. It’s very big and beautiful!’, Lucas T.

‘I went to Italy in July. I visited Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Capri. When I was younger, I also went to Sicilia, Malta, England and Mallorca (= Majorca)’, Marjorie

‘Iwent to Spain in 2007 and 2015. I visited Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla. I saw the Sagrada Familia and the Nou Camp in Barcelona. It was beautiful!’, Victor

‘I went to Italy in 2015. I visited the universal exhibition. It was good!’, Ronan

‘I went to Finland in 2012. I visited Laponia – a province in the north of Finland. It was really cold!’, Anne

‘I went to Spain in 2011. I visited the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It was beautiful!’, Mary

‘I went to Spain in 2015. I visited a stadium. It was fun!’, Lucas G.

‘I went to England in 2015. I saw Big Ben. It was very impressive. I saw Tower Bridge; it was beautiful! I also visited the Science Museum; it was boring!’, Julie

‘I went to Morocco in 2009. I visited Marrakech. I went to Florida in 2011 and 2013; I visited the Universal Studios, Miami, Orlando, Deltona and Key West. I went to Cyprus in 2016. I visited Nicosia’, Alix

‘I went to Guadeloupe in 2005 and I saw a volcano. I went to Martinique in 2009. I went to Belgium in 2010. I visited Brussels. It was great! I also went to the Netherlands in 2010 and I visited Amsterdam’, Oriane.




This is the beginning of a new school year!


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