12 09 2016

‘I went to Spain in 2014 and I saw some of the amazing buildings Gaudi created in Barcelona’, Matisse.

‘I went to England in March 2016. I visited Hampton Court; it’s a haunted castle! I also visited Stamford Bridge’, Julien.

‘ I went to Granada in Spain in 2015. I visited the Alhambra. It’s a Moorish citadel and palace. It was beautiful!’, Janèle.

‘ I went to Guiana in 2011. I visited the Space Center; it was huge!’, Lucas H.

‘ I went to England in July. I visited the National Gallery. I saw Big Ben and I visited Mme Tussaud’s Museum’, Leslie.

‘I went to Morocco in 2007…I was very young so I don’t really remember!’, Albane.

‘I went to New York in 2015. I visited Time Square and the Statue of Liberty. It was beautiful!’, Lucas.

‘I went to Portugal during the summer holidays. I visited Cristo Rei; the view was just amazing!’, Charlène G.

‘I went to Italy in 2016. I visited the Coliseum and Rome. It was beautiful!’, Tiphaine.

‘I went to Canada in 2011 with my family. I visited Montreal. It was beautiful. I went to Sri Lanka in 2015 on a road trip’, Clervie.

‘I went to the USA in 2015. I visited Time Square in New York. It was beautiful’, Romane.

‘I went to Mexico two years ago. I visited different monuments and I went to the beach’

‘I went to Spain in August 2016. I visited a monastery and I saw a lake. It was wonderful!’, Emilie.

‘I went to Tunisia in 2008 and I visited Djerba. It was great! I went to Italy in 2010. I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was impressive! I went to England in 2015 and I visited Brighton. I went to Turkey in 2015. I visited Bodrum . It was beautiful!’, Charlène J.

‘I went to Portugal in July. I visited Lisbon. It’s very big and beautiful!’, Lucas T.

‘I went to Italy in July. I visited Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Capri. When I was younger, I also went to Sicilia, Malta, England and Mallorca (= Majorca)’, Marjorie

‘Iwent to Spain in 2007 and 2015. I visited Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla. I saw the Sagrada Familia and the Nou Camp in Barcelona. It was beautiful!’, Victor

‘I went to Italy in 2015. I visited the universal exhibition. It was good!’, Ronan

‘I went to Finland in 2012. I visited Laponia – a province in the north of Finland. It was really cold!’, Anne

‘I went to Spain in 2011. I visited the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It was beautiful!’, Mary

‘I went to Spain in 2015. I visited a stadium. It was fun!’, Lucas G.

‘I went to England in 2015. I saw Big Ben. It was very impressive. I saw Tower Bridge; it was beautiful! I also visited the Science Museum; it was boring!’, Julie

‘I went to Morocco in 2009. I visited Marrakech. I went to Florida in 2011 and 2013; I visited the Universal Studios, Miami, Orlando, Deltona and Key West. I went to Cyprus in 2016. I visited Nicosia’, Alix

‘I went to Guadeloupe in 2005 and I saw a volcano. I went to Martinique in 2009. I went to Belgium in 2010. I visited Brussels. It was great! I also went to the Netherlands in 2010 and I visited Amsterdam’, Oriane.






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